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Equipment: Sel-cleaning dust collector
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Dust Removal
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-08-12
Main Features: 1.The equipment controled by the automatic control instrument,there are three self-cleaning ways,namely(1)Timing(2) pressure (3) manually 2.The equipment can achieve self-cleaning of the air Filter Elements grouping,other filtering devices running as usual. 3.It can work normally under conditions of relative humidity 100% 4.Large filtration area,low-velocity,small resistance,showed by LCD 5.Long life filter elements,in general cinditions,the filter element ment cycle can up to 2 years 6.Higher automation,the main components used imported parts,can achieve unmanned operation 7.Less backblowing cinsumptiin,usually 0.1-0.6m3/min(inhalate situation),Backblowing pressure 0.4-0.6MPa. 8.Light weight design,which is the bag-dust collector same capacity of 1/3-1/2. 9.Designs reasonably,achieved No-Bend design,High-level building block type,convenient installment,fast 10.if any special requirements about the products,we can make non-standard design according to the customers requirement.
Usage: 1.All industries and various types of air compressor stations,many small-capacity single used 2.Raw materials of compressor in oxygen station 3.Blast Furnace Blower in lron and Steel Plant 4.Various capacity of gas turbines 5.Diesel engine with long time operation 6.Air-conditioned supply system in tobacco and paper industry 7.Concentration of air-conditioning system that has higher require to the dust concentration
Description: After inhaling the dust air,the air power equipment will result in wear,the inhaled dust will dirt in the fan blade surface,will cause the decrease of rotor''s dynamic balance accuracy,reducing its working life greatly,the hazardous chemical constituents in the dust will cause the equipment rust and corrosion.
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